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If your business is facing an IT challenge, we’ve got the answers. In our IT workshop, you’ll find business IT support, inspiration for improving your office IT and DIY guides for simple changes that can make a big difference in your business.

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IT Upgrading for a Small Business

Meet Malini and her team and learn how their IT infrastructure is groaning under the strain and limiting their productivity. We break down the challenges and start with the basics of IT upgrading.

Servers for a small business

PCs can make your staff work better individually but using a server will get them working better together. We help Malini and her team work collaboratively and keep their data protected with the help of a small business server.

Getting a small business mobile

Many businesses need their employees to be mobile. Miss Malini is no exception. Learn how a smart IT upgrade from Intel can help their team stay on the move with less yet still be connected to the office.

Use our guides to help you improve your business IT

Cloud Computing

Small businesses can use cloud computing solutions to reduce hardware costs and maintenance. By moving data storage or application access into the cloud, you can optimize your business. View all questions >


Cloud solution or physical server? Small businesses need to know what is the right choice for their business needs to maximize security and performance while minimizing costs. View all questions >


Store your data and ensure you have back ups of all your important information. The right storage solution can also simplify your business while letting you access your data anywhere and on any device. View all questions >

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